Boutique guitar picks

Boutique guitar picks are high-quality, often handcrafted or hand finished guitar picks, designed to provide better tone and playability. Of course, compared to cheaper mass-produced plastic picks.

The craftsmanship and materials used often result in unique tonal characteristics, enhanced playability, and ergonomic grip.


Boutique guitar picks are usually made from a variety of materials. Think of wood, metal, gemstones, acrylic, and synthetic materials.

Every kind of material has its influence on the pick’s tone and durability.

It requires more to become boutique

Besides the materials, there are more features that make them more special in relation to cheap plastic picks:

  • Craftsmanship: These picks are often hand-made or produced in small batches, ensuring a high level of attention to detail and quality control.
  • Designs: Many boutique plectrums feature unique shapes, thicknesses, and designs that cater to specific playing styles and preferences. Thicker picks in general have several benefits in relation to thin plectrums. Thinner picks will bend and you don’t want that, because that works against precision.
  • Enhanced Playability: The design and materials of boutique picks often offer better grip, improved precision, and a more comfortable playing experience. Compare it to a cheap car and a luxurious German limo.
  • Looks: These picks often have good looks, making them attractive to collectors and musicians who appreciate artistry.
  • Price: Due to their nature and the premium materials used, boutique plectrums are generally more expensive than standard picks.
  • Better quality: Advanced and professional guitar players and any enthusiasts who search for the best in both better performance and playability, may find their go to pick in boutique guitar picks.

Boutique guitar picks are often crafted by hand and materials are carefully selected. Materials are known for their beauty, durability and tone. In many cases boutique guitar picks may eliminate pick noise. Read more about the 11 ways to get rid of pick noise.

ChickenPicks guitar picks

Of all boutique plectrums, ChickenPicks guitar picks holds a special place. This is because the use of Thermoset, which is unique in the world of guitar picks.

Thermoset has a very dense composition of the material, which gives it more mass and an extremely hard product.

Because the material is so extremely hard, it lasts longer and it has a huge impact on the tone of the plectrum.
Besides the material, the thickness and beveled edges make ChickenPicks guitar picks very popular amongst a wide variety of guitar players worldwide in over 100 different countries.

Read here why I created these picks in 1985.

Hand finished at a social workplace

Our products are machine made and finished by hand.

Finishing and packaging finds place in a social workplace. They’re checked- and sanded by hand.

At ChickenPicks guitar picks we find it important that everyone, with or without all kinds of disabilities must have a chance to live a good life.

Check the different models we offer:

We have a guitar pick for everybody, whether you play acoustic- or electric guitar or even bass guitar.
Below you will find the different models in short.
If you need exact sizes and thicknesses, please check our guitar pick size chart.

Light 2.2 and Regular 2.6

Standard 351 shaped model plectrums. Thickness 2.2mm and 2.6mm.

The perfect match for those playing Fender medium guitar picks or any Dunlop standard.

Regular boutique guitar picks

Light boutique guitar picks

Shredder 2.4 and 3.5

Standard shaped boutique plectrum. 13% smaller and popular for those using Jazz II shaped guitar picks.
The rounded tip is for comfortable playing pleasure. Available in 2.4mm and 3.5mm.

Shredder boutique picks

Go to the Shredder product page, or check the full product description

Badazz III 2.0, 2.5 and 3.2

Jazz III shaped guitar pick, available in 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.2mm thickness.

Extremely popular amongst Dunlop Jazz III players looking for better tone and playability.

Heavy guitar pick

Bermuda III 2.1 and 2.7

Standard triangle picks with a rounded tip and 2 semi pointy tips.

Available in 2.1mm and 2.7mm and popular with triangular plectrum users in general and many bass guitar players use it as bass guitar pick.

ChickenPicks Bermuda III guitar picks

Bermuda III-P 2.1 and 2.7 [Pointy]

Identical to the Bermuda III, but this model has 3 extremely sharp “Pointy” tips.

These sharp tips allow you to pick accurately and the sound is crisp & loud.

Because you don’t have to grip too firmly, it’s easy to play fast riffs with a minimum on effort.

Bermuda III-P guitar picks or plectrums

Go to the Bermuda III-P product page or check the full product description

Bermuda III-XL 2.1

Identical to the standard Bermuda III picks, but this is an XL (Extra Large) version.

We had many requests from customers who asked for a specific Bass pick, because typical bass guitar picks weren’t available.

Although the name is Bermuda III-XL, its alias is “The bass pick”. Boutique plectrum for bass guitar.

After being introduced in 2022, many people also use on guitar and still many guitar players like it for guitar as well

ChickenPicks Bermuda III XL Bass Pick

Go to the Bermuda III-XL product page or check the full product description.

Best guitar picks for acoustic guitar

Although acoustic guitars are different to electric guitar at some point, there is no specific guitar pick for acoustic guitars.
Finding out what the best guitar picks for acoustic are for you, means that you have to check out different models, thicknesses and materials.
In another Guitar Essentials we wrote some useful guidelines for choosing the best picks for acoustic.

What others say about ChickenPicks guitar picks

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Hi, my name is Eppo Franken and I started to make my own picks in the mid ’80’s. In 2010 my wife Jolanda and I thought that it may be interesting to look if other people also would like my idea of picks.
I play guitar since 1980 and my favorite style is country chicken picking and some kinds of rockabilly.
Send us an e-mail and let’s talk about guitar tone and picks 🙂

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