Bermuda III ChickenPicks guitar picks

Why guitar players play Bermuda III picks

Looking for guitar plectrum for great tone? You will be surprised by the playability and tone of the Bermuda III guitar picks.

  • The sound is much more solid and pick noise is reduced to a minimum
  • Pronounced loud-, clear- and bright tone with lots of bottom-end
  • Thermoset is very rigid (not bending at all) eliminating unwanted pick drag
  • You never played fast and picked accurately that easy with guitar picks for great tone
  • Very easy to hold due the thickness of the body
  • You don’t have to grip too firmly, which does avoid hand fatigue
  • The material is extremely hard and rigid, this ensures edges won’t get chipped.
  • These plectrums ensure you months and maybe years of utmost playing pleasure

This all encouraged me in 1985 to design my plectrum of choice. And if you want to read more about why I developed these picks, you may read this article.

There is always a ChickenPicks guitar picks plectrum that will fit your needs.

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Guitar picks for the best tone

The Bermuda III is a guitar plectrum in the 346-model guitar pick shape and it’s available in 2.1 & 2.7 mm.
It has a more rounded tip and 2 more pointed tips, but not extremely pointed.
It also has beveled edges for more comfort, like all of our picks.
The pick feels perfectly balanced in your hand. This is a result of the beveled edges and thickness. Of course, in combination with the size of the pick.
Our plectrums don’t feel like standard heavy plectrums. I.e. the beveled edges make the gripping surface quite smaller and this results in a more comfortable and ergonomic grip.

More mass for the best tone

The material and thickness create more mass, resulting in a pick with bright- and clear tone.
The tone with these picks has lots of mid- and bottom end as well.

Bermuda III guitar pick or plectrum

This is the guitar plectrum for great tone and ultimate playing pleasure. The greater mass and the beveled edges ensure you instant playing pleasure.
The guitar pick shape of this Bermuda III is created with the highest standard of ergonomics to avoid any picking arm damage.



For triangular pick users in particular

The Bermuda III is perfect for people that use medium and heavy gauged picks, but mainly triangle picks.
Playing with our thicker products will reduce hand fatigue. Why? You do not have to grip too firmly, which reduces tension in your picking arm.

Boutique guitar picks in general

All of our picks classify for boutique guitar picks, which is a term for picks with a certain shape and made out of special materials. We wrote an interesting article about boutique guitar picks in general. Read more here.

Thinner plectrums may create annoying pick noise and unwanted overtones and a trebly thinner tone as well.
Guitar picks with greater mass create more mid- and bottom end tones and less picking noise. But the sound is still clear and bright.
The material we use, definitely is different to the ones made out of “standard” plastics like acrylic, Tortex, Delrin and other cheaper materials.

Nearly all ChickenPicks users used thin guitar picks before they finally changed to the Bermuda III.
Of course, this also applies to one of the other great models available here.

Thickness of the Bermuda III plectrum

You might think this plectrum is too thick. After trying these plectrums, you will be amazed by how easy it is to play your favorite riffs.
There are many different models to choose from. The Bermuda III comes in the plectrum sizes 2.1 and 2.7 mm.
You might find your pick of choice here below.


Triangle picks with pointy tips

You may want to have your triangle picks with sharp pointy tips; try our Bermuda III-P picks.
The “P” stands for “Pointy”.
You will find the Bermuda III-P (Pointy) picks here.


Extra large triangular (bass) picks

Extra large triangle picks usually are used for playing bass guitar, but they’re perfect for guitar as well.
We have one model with the name Bermuda III-XL, called “The bass pick”. But of course, this one is perfect to play guitar with as well.
Bass guitar strings are thicker and the distance between each string to the other is significant larger than as for guitar strings.
For that reason bass plectrums sometimes are larger and thicker, but any other pick will work well as a bass pick

Also perfect as mandolin picks and bass guitar picks as well

The Bermuda III picks are widely used for guitar, but as bass guitar picks and as mandolin picks. For a reason most mandolin players prefer the perfect triangular picks for their mandolin.

Multiple pick packages for the best price

Check out our multiple pick packages at a reduced price, when you already found your favorite plectrum.
Besides the single pick packages mentioned below, there are many options to choose from.
Packs of guitar picks with 2 or 3 picks of the same kind. And for all kinds of Bermuda III models: check ’em out here.

Variety plectrum sets for all your needs

Not sure about which plectrum to choose?
Wether you are looking guitar picks or bass picks, we have a variety of packs of guitar picks.
These packs contain different models and pick sizes. With these you are able to test different models within 1 pack.

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How to hold a guitar pick 

Place the guitar pick on top of your index finger with a little less than let’s say 6mm sticking out past the fingertip.
The pick is sandwiched between the thumb and the side of the index finger.
Your index finger should be behind read more…

Guitar pick sizing chart

For the sizing chart click here.

What others say about ChickenPicks guitar picks

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