chickenpicksTestimonials from Twitter (@_ChickenPicks_)

I’ll admit I keep trying others, but there’s nothing like
a‪ @_ChickenPicks_  pick!
AldGra Whistle Test ‏‪(@AldGra) UK

I haven’t used any other pick since getting mine in the mail!
Eppo does an amazing job !
Chris Baker ‏‪(@gretsch411) USA

2 picks have lasted me near a full year! I can’t seem to break them!
Starting to wear down but still playable!
Ray Gunn ‏‪(@RayGunn508) Canada

hey Eppo, I love the original picks but these new ones are even better.
Absolutely amazing work sir. Thank you \m/ ^_^ \m/
Off Yellow Fellow (‏‪@sheldon_leung) Canada

Unsure at first. But ‪@_ChickenPicks_ have changed my playing!
Freakin’ awesome picks.
Matt Knight (‏‪@matt_knightsie) USA

yeah, they do wear, my last Chickenpicks ‘light’ pick wore out after
almost 18 months of 2-3 hours daily use.
Hershell Bryant (‏‪@Hershell_Bryant) USA

I’ve used everything under the sun, but have settled
on the ‘Shredder’ by ‪@_ChickenPicks_
Have a look on their Website !
Derren Tanfield ‏(‪@Dezzler71) UK

Eppo, I love the picks! Not only can I play faster and better,
I feel more confident when I use one of them! I thank you :)
Nathan Luxton ‏‪(@GottaCryTough)  USA

Got my picks from ‪@_ChickenPicks_ They totally are worth the money!
Great sounding! I will from now on use them. Thanks ‪@_ChickenPicks_
J Garcia ‏‪(@N4KMA)

Thanks for getting the order to me so quickly.
I said I would wait to order more, I lied !!
The ‘Shredder’ is brilliant !
Derren Tanfield ‏‪(@Dezzler71)  UK

3 months ago I thought I’d try these picks out!
Today I’ve thrown all my old faithfuls out!
Larry Milner ‏‪(@Larrymilner) USA

the new guitar picks are amazing.  You were right!  It brings out incredible
Chad Martin ‏‪(@JChadMartin) USA

The ‪#BEST pick ever made !!!
The Tone, Feel and Performance are UNMATCHED!!!
GET SOME!!! ‪‪@_ChickenPicks_
Diesel Tyler ‏‪(@DIESEL_TYLER) USA

1 year ago I was a pickaholic grabbing a handful at every music store.
Now I only use the one true pick that rules them all.
Django Winedog (@djangowinedog) UK

I’ve had mine for about 3 months now, play every day 2-4 hours,
not a sign of any wear, diggin in pick slides, not a mark.
THE pick to use, no matter what style you play, they are clearer and louder.
Credits where it’s due, it’s a fantastic product and people need to know.
Steve Chetkowski (@stevechetkowski) USA

We were impressed by how sturdy and solid these guitar picks are.
Also, we like the patterns on the back.
The Derailers (@derailers) USA

I use nothing else now but CHICKENPICKS! My string 2 string control has doubled..
Straight up! Thanks EPPO, for this little tone machines..!!
Frank Cosentino (@cosentinofrank) Canada

I love my ChickenPicks because I can use 1 guitar pick for electric, acoustic and bass.
Sean Jones (@klown0420) USA

I love your picks, the quality is really good and they last a LONG time!
Brianna Sotillo (@BriannaSotillo) USA

Diggin’ my ChickenPicks guitar picks !
Shawn Roux (@TriflerShawn) USA

Awesome pick… Just spanked a custom shop LP through Marshall JCM 2000! Could tell, hear, feel the difference each note..!
Rob Pedrick (@TallguitarRob) USA

Not all guitar picks are the same. ChickenPicks are shredding awesome..!!
Perfect tone on my Strat or Ovation Legend. #yougetwhatyoupayfor.
John Fensom (@J_Fensom) UK

I’m impressed by your careful and honest work- one by one spirit.
Amazing sound and playability : – )
ChickenPicks is the best selection! I’ll spread it in Japan..!!
Seiya (@SY_Fen) Japan

I just got my picks yesterday, they are AMAZING!!!!
Overall I’m beyond impressed with these; best money I’ve spent on picks by far..!!
Goodbye 50 ct garbage picks!! Bok Bok bugock!!!
Sheldonius (@sheldon_leung) Canada

ChickenPicks have arrived! And tested. Got one word for them; WOW..!
Jeroen Mulder (@jeroen1511) The Netherlands

Honestly the best guitar picks I have used.
I have recommended them to the rest of the band mates.
These are the only picks that you can really feel the quality, great work!!
Alex Mulliner (@alex_mulliner) UK

Simply the best sounding pick there is..!
My new pick is amazing !!! Thanks a lot.
The Sambora Geek (@smiffy_c) USA

ChickenPicks have perfected the guitar pick, what next, the violin bow?
Nathan Luxton (@GottaCryTough) USA

Ain’t they just the coolest!!! What an awesome logo!!! They play and sound even better!
Diesel Tyler (@Diesel_Tyler) USA

These are by far the best picks I’ve come across… The tone is smooth ‘n resonant… check it out…
Krisyknt (@sfhiltonk) UK


Hey, Eppo,
It’s been a few months since I ordered my picks and I just wanted to let you know: these things are killer. I can’t play with anything else. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know that plays a stringed instrument. I’ve also put the word out through the forums I am a part of and I hope others will catch on to these picks. I’ve been using the 2.6 daily and can’t get enough of it. Everything is better with Chicken Picks!
I used .88s or .73s. I never cared for heavy picks before, they always choked out my dynamics. Even if I picked soft, it was too strong. Chicken Picks was the solution!
You’re the best, Eppo!

Logan C. Patterson (USA) ======================================================================================

Dear Eppo,
the picks arrived today, what a treat! I have been obsessed with plectrums for over 10 years now and own a collection of literally thousands of picks, so I am not easily impressed. Most of all, I know what to look for in a pick and what really works for me. Thick picks were never my cup of tea, everything above 1,5mm just didn’t have the right balance for me. Although I was very anxious to test the ChickenPicks, I did not expect them to become my favorite picks. I was wrong.

To my surprise, I have found the smaller 3,5mm pick to be the most comfortable. The bevel is so unique, that the pick actually has the control of a thinner one, but with all the dynamics and sustain of a thick one. It has everything I was missing in all other thick picks and more. The tone is fat but crisp, and what drives me crazy is the amount of control these picks have to offer. You can really do everything with them and also hear every note you’re playing.
Mihai Curteanu (Germany)


I’ve been in the boutique pick market for a few years now. I have a shelf in my room with every single brand that I’ve tried…well over 20 different brands in total, each with different individual models. While I did find 2 brands that I really loved, I experienced something totally unique when I played my chicken pick for the first time. It was a new, fresh feeling pick and a great sound. These picks are truly unique. The material is like nothing I’ve ever seen in any other pick out there. I’m a jazz guitarist so I gravitated towards the small 3.5mm model. I highly, highly recommend trying these things out.
Thanks for a wonderful product.

Pete Andreev (USA)


From a client of my UK dealer I got the following:
Hi There,

Just wanted to send an e-mail to you guys to say how great your products are! Strings Direct sent out a mailer advertising your product will soon be in stock in the UK so I put my name to pre order some. I played a gig with them and wow! What a difference they really are. I take all 3 to the gig with me and change depending on what song I am playing. The shredder is really good for playing the Thunderstruck Riff by AC/DC and the light & regular picks are great for my general playing. I tend to play more with the light pick as I have small hands but I just wanted to say how impressed I was and will be stocking up on more of them and advertising them round to all my friends that play guitar! I keep passing them round at gigs and showing them off to people to get them.. maybe its the start of a new craze here in the UK!
Thanks so much
Dan Worthington (UK)

Ho Eppo,
7 years of playing, picks bought in every music shop I’ve ever been in (that’s a fair few) Dunlop, herco, fender, timber tones…. you name it I’ve tried it. Only now I can say I’ve found the pick of destiny!!!! Well done sir. Don’t know how you did it but Lordy Lordy you have. I must admit I was sceptical- purely about the thickness (I use a 1mm generally) but have been playing constantly for 4 hrs- acoustic & electric- only put em down to congratulate you. Only thing to ponder in now is which gauge- I had the starter pack. Awesome. I shall be back for more-

Many many thanks,
Pete Roch