About Rodrigo

Rodrigo Gouveia is a Brazilian guitarist able to transform simple melodies into complex, jazz-infused neo-soul arrangements. An accomplished educator, Rodrigo is internationally known for his neo-soul guitar instruction and was one of the OG neo-soul players in the online guitar community.
Rodrigo got signed by JTC Guitar and his first Neo Soul Fusion licks package “20 Neo-Soul Fusion Licks” was released in their store in 2018 and “Neo-Soul Fusion Masterclass” in 2019. He is also a featured artist in very influential platforms such as Pickup Music, releasing lessons, and original tunes with other world-class musicians.
When it comes to guitar in the Neo-Soul, R&B, and Gospel genres, my favorite players are Jubu Smith, Isaiah Sharkey, and Spanky Alford. I highly recommend listening to these musicians to gain a deeper understanding of this style of music.

I use Chicken Picks, specifically the Badazz III 3.2mm pick, because of its superior durability and tone. The pick’s thickness and material provide a strong, clear sound that enhances my playing. Compared to other picks, Chicken Picks offer a more comfortable grip and better control, which is crucial for precise playing.