About Andrea

Andrea Benz is unlike any other artists. With captivating guitar skills, a beautiful clear country voice, and genius songwriting, Andrea’s fans call her a “triple threat.” Hailing from the small country of Switzerland, the rising singer/songwriter’s roots are seated deeply in country music, her voice reminiscent of the 90ies country stars. Already known in musicians’ circles as a studio perfectionist, Andrea´s guitar craftsmanship can be heard and seen on countless country performances and recordings around the world. Whether it´s with Grammy winner Paul Overstreet in Germany, Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie McCoy in Spain or with Lonestar Troubadour Dale Watson in Texas, Andrea has amassed millions of travel miles and performed for thousands of country music fans around the world. She won several awards, such as the Swiss Country Music Award in 2016 or the Rising Star Award at the Texas International Country Music Award in 2018. Her playing style is a unique blend of 90ies country chicken picking style and the earlier jazzy western swing style.

With two college degrees in her pocket, one of them being a BA of Arts in Jazz & Popular Music, Andrea soon started touring all over Europe, always striving for more.

Andrea has several years of teaching experience. She has a BA of Arts in Music (Jazz/Pop guitar) and has been teaching Guitar, Music Theory and basic Piano at the Swiss Music Academy for 4 years. For the past year she has been teaching at Bach To Rock Music School in Nashville, TN. She specializes in Country guitar and teaches both electric and acoustic guitar.

I was born and raised out in the country in Switzerland. I started playing guitar at the age of 8 and got hooked to the instrument quickly, playing for hours daily.  I grew up listening to country music and has always been fascinated by the traditional and authentic country sound.