About Wayne

Wayne is a guitarplayer from Germany.
He is also a studio guitarplayer and guitar teacher.

Band Sons of Sounds

In 2007 he started the band Sons of Sounds with his two brothers.
They have made seven studio albums and stil counting. The band did over 400 live shows in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

Rockband Nazareth

They also did the Europe tour with the famous rockband Nazareth!

Rock Club Soundcheck One

Wayne is managing the Rock Club Soundcheck One, Hard ‘n’ Heavy Paradise!

Wayne’s choice:

ChickenPicks Badazz III

My mother is a qualified pianist and used to be the head of the music college in Novosibirsk. My father was a professional musician. Thanks to this constellation, I was able to enjoy an intensive musical education very early on, influenced by the piano and the violin. However, at some point when I was young, I fell in love with rock music. And so I started playing guitar, which hasn’t changed since then.